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The Courier was my Fallout New Vegas character, and she was an aggressively independent, whiskey-swilling, gun-slinging, raider-adjacent free-for-all rascal whose only goal was to maintain total control of the Strip and be, like, the King/Queen of New Vegas.

Along the way, the Courier's sheer unhingedness led her to tons and tons of wild adventures. Here are some of my favorites:


Opting for a play-the-field approach, the Courier curried favor with each faction in order to utilize Benny's robot, Yes-Man, to wrangle control of the strip. Heartlessly murdering Mr. House in order to get to the top and use his resources, the Courier even ended up hooking up with Benny himself before murdering him - after the act, of course - in order to take over Benny's progress and use Yes-Man for herself.


Meeting Cass at the Ranger Outpost after running some jobs themself for the Crimson Caravan Company, the Courier took a liking to Cass's rugged attitude immediately. The two became fast friends, but the Courier soon realized that Cass had been severely wronged by the Caravan Company, as well as the murderous Van Graffs. Opting to assist Cass in setting things right, the Courier, against all odds, burned all her bridges with the Van Graff weapons family as well as the lucrative Crimson Caravan, in favor of her friend - and she'd do it all again.


Diving headfirst into the adventures ahead in The Pitt, the Courier quickly found a rapport with the enslaved peoples of the Pitt. Their goal to acquire the cure to the illness plaguing everyone led the Courier to discover the cure was actually a living baby - two of the scientists' (and slavers) of the Pitt's biological kid. At first, the scientists pleaded with the Courier not to take the kid, as they could probably figure out a way to cure the plague ethically without hurting it. After giving it much thought, the Courier agreed with them and refused to take the baby, but the citizens of the Pitt didn't take kindly to that - they ran the Courier out of the Pitt with a great deal of violence, and she hasn't been back since.

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