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Katya was my first character I ever created/played in Fallout 4. I always end up overloading my character builds on Intelligence and Charisma and Katya was no exception. She was a bombshell blonde with an extreme penchant for wasteland recycling and revival - and thanks to her efforts, Katya's network of settlements became the pre-eminent purified water suppliers in the Wastes, becoming a water baron of sorts, centered around the purification plant she built in Murkwater.

Katya's network of provisioners were known for wearing brightly lit mining headlamps as they roamed the wastes, so that everyone could see them and their path for miles around. The jewels of the settlement network included Zimonja, a busy and vibrant city spun out of a humble Minutemen outpost, Star-Lite City, a New-Vegas inspired town with several saloons and a fabric factory, and gorgeous restorations of Croup Manor, Taffington Boathouse, and Greygarden.

Originally, Katya had planned to romance Cait, the Irish boxer and former raider, but Katya was decidedly taken by surprise when she met the mayor of Goodneighbour, Hancock, and things just ended up spiralling from there.

Unfortunately, Katya's save file got corrupted (thanks Todd) and I wasn't able to recover her game saves; but, in good news, the next character I made was Tahani, and she's the character I've been playing ever since!