Welcome, darklings, to the Goth Zone! Poke around the castle while I get everything in order, if you like...

>> u p d a t e s <<

6/15/24 ~ hello darklings!! x new games have been added under Diversions!

2/19/23 ~ The guestbook is back (and so am I)!! xx don't forget to hit menu refresh! xx

4/9/22 ~ Added some new doll photos to the IRL Goth Fashion Dolls page! xx

4/4/22 ~ Added my bestest of best girls Nadja to the Goths in the Media page!

4/4/22 ~ New super sick section on goth fashion dolls! xx which will be under construction!

4/3/22 ~ added a section for my shrines

4/3/22 ~ another stop has opened on the Gothic Subway System! The Neptune - just take the A train deep, deep down into the bottom of the sea...

4/2/22 ~ added a list of my favorite games, located under My Lair < 333

4/2/22 ~ you can now link to me with a button xx

4/2/22 ~ oh em ghoul a new venue has opened on the Gothic Subway System! VIGNETTES goth bar + vampire club

4/2/22 ~ what's this? a weird portal has opened to the Gothic Subway System?? (don't forget to hit Menu Refresh xx)

4/1/22 ~ okay i THINK that's everyone updated in the covenry section! let me know if i missed you and i can add yer name & site. plus i put a hit counter on there fer good measure xx

4/1/22 ~ hey guess what! i'm sad!! new journal entry up on operative darkbane's journal

4/1/22 ~

4/1/22 ~ added a fun + games / deadly diversions section (don't forget to hit menu refresh xoxo)

4/1/22 ~ in the process of adding to the covenry

4/1/22 ~ new year, new background.... again xx

3/31/22 ~ Some new dollz have been added to the Dollz page!

3/31/22 ~ i'm baaaaaaaack (don't forget to hit Menu Refresh for a new button to Enter the Darkbane Castle! xx)

1/24/21 ~ There is now a much bigger Graphics section (which the GIF Hall has moved to!) xx (hit Menu Refresh if you can't see it yet!)

1/21/21 ~ a new letter has arrived from the desk of Lady Darkbane!
1/21/2021 ~ new year, new background

11/20/20 ~ we now have blinkies and buttons on the side!! xx

11/18/20 ~ shhh.... you can select between my two journals under Journal Select! (hit menu refresh for the button to relink!)
11/18/20 ~ New links added to the links page! ++ more members of the Covenry, web DIY linx, & one more Take Me Back in Time! xx

10/29/20 ~ Guess what time of year it is? (Don't forget to hit Menu Refresh! x)

10/29/20 ~ It's good to be back! xxxx There are a selection of new dollz in the dollhouse!

10/2/20 ~ More members of the dark covenry have been added!

9/25/20 ~ Talia is now up on the adoptables page!

9/24/20 ~ Added my gf Yennefer of Vengerberg to the Goths in the Media page xo

9/21/20 ~ Lots of construction has gone into uncovering previously rotted wings of the old Castle - the Lair has new rooms and wings to explore!

9/19/20 ~ There are a number of new dolls in the dollhouse!
9/19/20 ~ House Darkbane is pleased to announce the opening of the Castle's first Chatbox! Please do click "Menu Refresh" if the button doesn't appear on your left-hand panel.
9/19/20 ~ There are new things in the library!
9/19/20 ~ it's good to be back from the (un)dead!! More to come xxxxx

8/13/20 ~ Links to the Goth Zone covenry are added!
8/13/20 ~ More dollz and dollmakerz added!
8/9/20 ~ Added links to Dollmakers under Dollz!!
8/9/20 ~ Added Dollz & Adoptables
8/8/20 ~ More Goths in the Media Added - Venus
8/7/20 ~ More Goths in the Media Added - Alice, Therese, and Jeanette
8/7/20 ~ Added Hit Counter
8/7/20 ~ Updates to the Lair
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